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WILD BOAR (Sus scrofa L.)
Divlja svinja (Sus scrofa L.) - Hunting season: All the year (sow: 01.07.-31.12.)
Hunting: Stalking, driven boar, waiting from the high stand
Rifle: Bolt action, lever action and semi-automatic rifle with rifle scope.
Caliber at least 7mm, bullet weight 160+ grains, energy over 2.500 joules.
Wild boar, The Capital Trophy from Česma Wild boar (Sus scrofa L.), is a species of pig, including many subspecies, and part of the biological family Suidae. It is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. Wild boar are native across much of Northern and Central Europe, the Mediterranean Region (including North Africa's Atlas Mountains) and much of Asia as far south as Indonesia. Populations have also been artificially introduced in some parts of the world, most notably the Americas and Australasia; principally for hunting.

Adult body shape shows a large head and shoulders tapering to smaller hind quarters. The body weight lies forward. The snout is long, narrow and straight, and the ears are small and erect. The tail is straight with long tassels. Males can weigh up to 200kg.
The fur consists of stiff bristles and usually finer fur. The colour usually varies from dark grey to black or brown. Piglets have characteristic brown and cream longitudinal stripes.

The trophy of the wild boar consists of the tusks which develop a lot more in the male than in the female, which rarely has tusks standing out of its lips. Even though in both cases the growing is constant and the tusks are curved upwards, in the case of the adult stallion these exceed up to 30 cm of length. The top tusks are hollow and act as a permanent whetstone against which the lower tusks are continually sharpened.

Wild boar are omnivorous and will consume a large variety of food items. Typically, plant material accounts for 90% of their diet and animal matter the remaining 10%. Plant matter consists of roots, bulbs and tubers (unearthed by rooting with their long snouts) and fruit and berries. Animal matter can consist of mice, birds eggs, snakes, lizards, worms, beetles and carrion. The diet changes to accommodate seasonally available items and forest fruits (for example, acorns, beech mast, chestnuts, olives) are particularly important in the autumn as these protein rich foods enable the sows to be in peak breeding condition. In times of shortage, agricultural crops may be raided, particularly fields of maize, turnips and potatoes.

Wild boar, After Driven Boar
Wild boar prefer to live in small social groups referred to as 'sounders'. Sounders are matriarchal and organised around a core of two or three mature reproductive females with their most recent litters, plus the surviving young and sub-adults from previous litters. Group size varies between 6 and 30 animals. Mature males tend to be found in the vicinity of the group only during the breeding season

Wild boar have exceptional hearing and sense of smell, but poor eyesight. They are very vocal and communicate with other through a series of grunts and squeals.
They can range long distances. Long distance dispersal may be related to the type of landscape, population density and hunting pressures. Wild boar are excellent swimmers, last decades they appeared at most croatian islands and it was supposed they passed swimming over more miles wide sea channels.

Wild boar are primarily nocturnal animals irrespective of sex, age, or season, although they may be more diurnal in times of food shortage. The daytime is spent sleeping in areas of thick cover in day nests, which are saucer shaped depressions in the ground which may be lined with leaves.

Hunting is part of economy which presents very important source of income and appreciable contribution for development of continental tourisms of Croatia. Wild Boar Hunting is like no other hunting, its a mix of excitement, expectation and adrenalin all rolled into one!

Hunting is done by waiting in the late afternoon and during the night. The waiting is done from open blinds and in the summer and closed blinds in winter usually at moonlight.
Golden Tusks
The excitement of shooting boar on foot is highly rewarding and exciting. This type of stalking with experienced guides on a one to one bases requires reasonably fit as one may need to react very quickly to a moving boar, and some hunting areas are quite hilly and others very wet.

Driven boar is usually organised for a group of hunters on the standing position with help of the beaters with their dogs trained only for boar. After placing the hunters on the position the beaters have to walk towards them shouting and using barking dogs.
Hunt with dog chase tactics when different dog breeds are used, depends on altitude, total hunting area and number of wild boars, as well as other kinds of big game within one certain hunting ground. For the hunt in hunting grounds on higher altitudes (hills and mountains) the most useful are breeds of long-legged scent hounds, especially the Posavaz Hound, then the Dachsbracke, and the German Hunt Terrier

Every hunter has to have orange parts on their clothes.
The wild boar is the only type of game that can be shot at while it is moving, and hunted with the use of dogs.
The use of combination and express guns can be very important to be able to shoot quickly and repeatedly.
The best cal. is 9,3x62 but 8x57 and 30-06 are more common. The bullets for close range shooting should be of reasonable weight and slower to prevent bullet damage on impact with the branches.
The scopes 1,5-6x44 and anything smaller than that are the best choice to hunt in the wood and fast aiming. The use of red dot riflescopes with a maximum magnification of x4 is also recommended.

Concentration, focus and silence are of vital importance in this type of hunting. Shooting is allowed only if the target is clearly visible to avoid the possibility of wounding fellow hunters, dogs or beaters.

Medals in CIC points:
  • 110.00-114.99 bronze medal
  • 115.00-119.99 silver medal
  • 200.00 and more gold medal
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